At, we constantly think of your safety and security while you browse online.


As, is purely established to initiate lawful matrimonial alliances through our portal, and we strongly believe that our users are strongly aware of security measures that one has to take while searching for a life partner online. Below are some of the safety tips to our users.

  1. Always start slowly , try and have a separate email account to find a life partner and communicate via email initially.
  2. Do not share your work, home details immediately as soon as you establish a contact with the prospect.
  3. Always involve your family member and keep them in loop while you communicate.
  4. Always be sure about the person whom you communicate to, and have all details handy about the person you speak to.
  5. It is always advisable to speak to the prospects family members as well , while the talks are on.
  6. Never meet the prospect alone in the first meeting. Always have a friend or a family member accompany you.
  7. It is always healthy to meet a person either at a common public place like Café’s or through a meeting arranged by the family members.
  8. Never encourage a person who ask for money or any sort of financial help. Remember offering a money or extending help without knowing the person is a high risk. Report to your family members or friends if such situation arise. A good individual will never ask for money.


Stay Safe . Search Safe.